Be wiry of those who reach for the past, and cautious of those who promise the future… for now is the only present the keepers of time are willing to gift to you.

COVID-19 & Eye Exams 

I ordered my new glasses, and was very pleased to see that masks where very much required while in the building, even for the grumpy old man who pretended he did not see the sign even though I watched him stand there for a minute before grumbling and walking in. :dracthyr_tea:

Turns out I need a new prescription, and with it some new glasses, but other then that my eyes seem to be extremely healthy.

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COVID-19 & Eye Exams 

I've avoided going to the eye doctor during the entire pandemic because being in a small enclosed room with many other people did not sound conferrable, but today I am biting that bullet and getting my eyes examined. With going so many years now without getting a new prescription I can tell my vision is not what it use to be. Hoping some new lenses will help. :dracthyr_nod:

Quotes, Buddhism 

Was just sent this quote in a news letter sent to me from Plum Village. It's very fitting with a lot of things I've been reflecting on here lately, and figured I would share.

"It is not impermanence that makes us suffer. What makes us suffer is wanting things to be permanent when they are not." ― Thich Nhat Hanh, The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching

I've created my own Pixelfed instance for me to have a dedicated place to share photos with friends and family. You can find my profile there at @[email protected] :dracthyr_heart:

HM Queen Elizabeth's Health 

As the royal family congregates around the Queen after her doctors expressed concern, remember to keep calm and carry on. My thoughts are with the Queen, her family, and the people of the UK.

Managed to pick up a few books for my library while we were at the mall. Most of the topics where on spirituality but Aaron did find one for me on Dyslexia. Very interested in reading that one once I finish the book I am currently working my way through on the 12+ hour car ride home.

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Just spent a wonderful weekend with my husband and sister-in-law at the Mall of America. Got to see the sea life exhibit, check out some interesting stores, eat some good food, and have some amazing conversations. Definitely can't wait until we can all get together again. :dracthyr_heart:

Over the last few weeks I've managed to organize my movies, videos, audiobooks, music, (e)books, and photos. The best part of which was finding some classics that I got to sit back and enjoy once again. Highly recommend :)

Decided to revive my Vulpera Monk, or as my friends refer to me as (when I am on this toon) foxy fairy.

“I know engineers, they love to change things.” ~ Bones

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So I ordered the complete set of Star Trek original movies, and OMG it’s both good and bad for all the right reasons. Huge nostalgia feelings right now of watching these on VHS at my moms. 🥰

Yup, the Orville is just as good as I remembered. Currently watching it while my husband reads a book. Makes me wonder when I’ll be able to buy season three.

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As I backup my DVD collection to my NAS I've been watching Star Trek: TNG and Will & Grace. It's been rather enjoyable to watch them both again as it has been some time. I look forward to getting Orville in the mail on Sunday and being able to add it to my collection as well. :dracthyr_heart:

I never realized how hard it would be to find and buy an Ultra HD Blu-ray Reader for my computer. I know most people don't buy physical any more, but I just want to be able to own my own collection instead of renting it from other companies and I want to not have it DRMed out the bum. Am I alone in this?

This morning I read an article about how "your parent's" MP3 players is making a comeback... they were talking about Winamp. I'm going to go cry now.

Last night I fell asleep around 8PM, thinking I was going to take a nap... this morning I woke up around 7AM. Apparently my husband stayed up all night reading his book not wanting to wake me up because he knew I've not been sleeping well. :dracthyr_cry:

Now to get it to auto deploy the backend systems upon successful completion of the test, build, test, release steps... Then I'll be integrating it into the frontend and be off to the races! :dracthyr_heart:

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I’ve been sick the last couple of days, but feeling significantly better today! So it’s time to much stuff happen.

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:dracthyr_tea: good morning! Today I’m going to trying and get a node.js microservice added to my build system and temporized. It should be relatively easy, and then I can start working on the backend system for my recent hobby project.

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