We ordered a NAS for our home the other day and the drives just arrived! Excited to get the actual device tomorrow and set it up… no more needing to support/micromanage the Mac mini in order to provide network based TimeMachine backups! This transition will also enable us to have a cleaner network cabinet and adds some features that were removed from MacOS several releases ago. This upgrade has been in the works for about 3 years now, so excited!

This upgrade will bring us from 19TB to 21TB of network storage, with 4 additional TB of storage now available to each of our workstations as external drives (freed up once the migration is complete). My plan is to also make it able to be persistent storage for my Kubernetes cluster. What’s nice is that the device will enable us to create snapshots that we can then store off site, further protecting my husband and I from data loss.

My husband got the new NAS up and running last night, and now both of our systems are transferring massive amounts of data over our network to repopulate it. My Time Machine backup took over 8 hours and finished sometime in the middle of the night.

We made the executive decision to keep the Kiwix archives on a plugged in USB external drive (incase we need to access it during an outage).

At some point we'll need to add SSDs for caching and a UPS for graceful shutdowns during a power outage.

In the continued saga that is my NAS; I've managed to get the SSDs installed for caching and it has noticeably improved performance. I've also managed to get the DNS+PiHole, Gitea, and Plex running smoothly.

Thinking tomorrow I will get the fallback network interface hooked up and then watch some movies I've not seen in a while because the out dated Mac mini could not handle running Plex.

It's been a while so I figured I would update the continued saga that is my NAS; I've still yet to add the fallback network connection but have managed to get a few more services running that make my hobby life easier. For instance, I've added a CI/CD tool that is now integrated into Gitea. And, I've also managed to test the VPN from outside of my house and it works like a charm. :D Woot!

At some point I need to get that fallback connection added and automate the setup of these services.


So tonight on the NAS saga, I've decided to add a wiki to the mix so I can document all the stuff that I am learning with the system and started breaking down some of my future plans/ambitions. One ambition is to have the NAS act as a persistent storage device for a k8s cluster running on a Turing Pi 2 when it eventually gets here... though I will need to be able to get ahold of more CM4s to do any of that and who know's when that will happen. 🤷‍♂️

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