Decided to revive my Vulpera Monk, or as my friends refer to me as (when I am on this toon) foxy fairy.

Started playing a new toon on the realm of Sin'jiun. Here is my Night Elf Resto (level 60) in full Valorous Dreamwalker Battlegear transmog (because it is my favorite set besides the original). The tabard is for my guild `Der Weiße Lotus`. Been spending a little to much time doing battlegrounds, but at least it is something I queue for and will eventually get some gear.


Today I found out that I can swap out the vegan chicken strips with pressed firm tofu and vegan chicken flavoring and get more protein with less sodium. This dish has evolved each time we’ve made it.


It was amazing! Going to double the sause the next time, but the flavor was on point. My husband also did a fantastic job cooking the rice by eye. Just realized I ate the food so fast I did not have enough time to snap a photo, but here is the cooked chicken and veggies. 🤭

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Got my nails done. I could not be happier with the service and the look. What a way to end the birthday celebration week.

Played a game of evil apples with my friends before bed. This was the last set of cards played.


Having what the bar calls The Midnight Special: makers mark, cheery & Orange, angostura bitters, and peacan cayenne syrup with a block of ice and garnished with a candied orange slice. The drink is really good, and the friends are the best.

Birthday Extravaganza; covid mentioned 

What an exciting notification to get! Even though my 30th birthday has already passed, this means that here soon I will be seeing all my friends' faces not through a digital screen, like we have for nearly every Friday since the start of you know (*whispers* covid), but in person. We will all be together for a week plus a few days! 😱 I hear a spa day is in the works 💅 and some other fun jazz 🎷.

Nothing is holding me back now but me. Going to give it a test drive tonight!

Hair, Pandemic 

Got my first haircut since the start of the pandemic! Donated it to be made into wigs for kids with cancer. Figured something good can come from all of this.

Decided to re-mog my toon to look more inline with my tastes. Also recolored my hair to match.

Have to say my friend John did a fantastic job at 3D printing this piggy bank.

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The event ended, and I’ve had such a blast. Now enjoying some Cottage Inn pizza. We ordered a sauage, cheese, and veggie round. Yum 🤤

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I managed to bowl a 108, which is my best game so far tonight.

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Made it to the midway point for a photo op before the bowling ally. The little red car in the middle is a piggy bank. It’s to house the tips for the bowling alley workers.

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With the help of my friends in we managed to unlock flying on my Blood Elf Rouge. Now I can fly my mog matching Cenarion War Hippogryph around the zone... Woot!

The traffic lights tried to ruin our parade, but we all made it to the destination.

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