My husband is on his way to pick up our car after has fixed and upgraded us to the latest generation charge port. Thankfully they fixed this issue in a single day. Apparently others who ordered their cars around the same time as us are also having the same problem with charging. 😳

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If this keeps up I may be a former owner. AC chargers stopped functioning abruptly, but DC fast charging still works. At this point they’ve fixed/replaced the 12v charge controller, the entire starting assist system, and now I suspect they will need to replace this system in the car too. Ioniq 5 is looking rather attractive right about now.

We just got our from the service center, and dropped off the loaner car. Riding in the model 3 was nice, but the model y is truly the car for me. Easier to get in and out, the leg room is superior, and frankly I just think it’s vastly better looking (it has this presence to it). I also missed having Abby’s nose print on the back driver side window.

Have to say my friend John did a fantastic job at 3D printing this piggy bank.

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The event ended, and I’ve had such a blast. Now enjoying some Cottage Inn pizza. We ordered a sauage, cheese, and veggie round. Yum 🤤

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Today is another Owners Club meet up. We are going to be parading our way to the bowling alley, play a few games, and enjoy some company. Wonder how many are going to show up, and if the parade will go as we’ve practiced several times over the last several weeks.

Today is my local club’s meet up to show support for a local business. Glad and excited to see so many friendly faces.

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