It has just dawned on me that my main hobby is studying, and I don't know how I feel about that.

I use to think that it was programming, but after putting more through to it I realized my enjoyment comes from learning new things and applying that knowledge.

I suppose that is why my favorite genre of books has always been non-fiction. Although there will always be a place in my heart for . By the way I live my life you would think Star Trek was reference material. xD

Random fact, my blue Model Y is named after the character Sylvia Tilly. When we got the car we instantly punched Tilly into the computer when it asked who am I.

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Hello! I'm Mx. Bleau, but you can call me Blue. I'm a nerd, with a uniform to back it up. I write code for fun at night, and work in during the day.

I'm currently working on learning as my second language. I also want to get back into . And, I'm known to create from time to time.

If I'm not doing any of the above I'm likely playing .

I'm also a with an unquenchable thirst for knowladge.

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